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When you're in search of high quality affordable girls' schoolwear, Lowes can supply all of your needs including blouses, slacks skirts, and cullotes . We cater for both primary and high school pupils and stock items in most school colours.

Lowes girl's schoolwear is designed to be both tough enough to stand everyday school life and stylish enough to help your child look her best. Manufactured by Beare & Ley, all our school wear offer our hallmark blend of quality and value. You can't go wrong when you buy your girls' schoolwear from Lowes.

Here's your guide to what we offer.


We offer a complete range of schoolgirl blouses for both primary and high school pupils. Select from standard or Peter Pan collars or long or shorts sleeves to find just the right blouse.

Skirts and Slacks

High school girls will love our Stubbies slacks and A-line skirts. Available in a wide range of school colours, these tough and elegant garments will keep looking good for a long time.


We stock cullotes for primary school pupils in most school colours. Just call us today, or make your order right here at the website for speedy delivery.

Other than the above, we also stock items such as jackets, slacks, scarves, belts and baggies to suit all your girls' school clothing needs. Check our online catalogue to view our full range.

We carry a wide range of official school uniforms. Check the listings, and you can place your order online. Otherwise, you can order any generic type of school uniform.

We're a family run business and understand the needs of parents and schoolchildren. As we've been looking after Australia's clothing needs since 1898, we know a thing or two about satisfying our customers. You can buy from us with confidence.

We're committed to offering well-made, durable and stylish clothing at the best prices possible so get in touch today for all your girl school wear needs. You can choose to either pickup your clothing in a store in your area, or we can deliver to your home.

Call us today to find your nearest store or just place your order online for fast delivery.

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